My fee for an initial assessment is £65.00 for a meeting of one and a quarter hours.
The assessment appointment is a one-off meeting to enable a client to consider with me whether and how counselling will be helpful in addressing the particular or general difficulties which have led them to arrange the appointment.
Some clients like to take a little time after the assessment  before deciding whether or not to proceed whilst others may make a decision by the end of the initial meeting.
My fee for ongoing counselling sessions of fifty minutes is £45.00.
Before agreeing on the kind of contract we are making- e.g. short, longer term or more open-ended counselling, we will discuss charges for missed sessions and arrangements for breaks for holiday, work or other reasons.
Normally if a client has to miss an appointment at very short notice of less than one week for whatever reason, the sessional fee will be charged at the normal rate- unless it is possible to rearrange during the same week.
Fees for clients funded by organisations are higher to cover additional administrative costs.
I do not normally offer concessionary fees.